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    This shows just how completely out of touch the Phoenix is with reality. Julia Poirier leading anything? Please. She spends half the week partying and the other half recovering. 

    She would be an absolute joke to any administrators she would need to deal with. 

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      That is simply not true. Having worked with Julia Poirier in numerous campus organizations, Im constantly amazed at the amount she gets done and the quality of her work. 

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        Anthony Betori

        What a low blow that’s simply not true! Get your fact straights and use your real names, people. This kind of anonymous name calling is so pointless



          Use your real names says “Not Confused”. What an idiot and a hypocrite. 

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      I’m glad someone said it. But thats not the issue. I am a member of USGA and a member of her committee and I am offended and hurt at the fact that she has taken so much credit for work that I also done, its not okay. 

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      This is not okay. First off, I Julia works her ass off for what she believes in. She came to the debate today (were you there?)  from Springfeild where she was lobbying our senators for environmental issues, ran to the event and is driving back to springfeild in the morning. So before you say blantant lies you should really befriend her, or at least have a conversation with her be you will be rudely awakened.
      And does she lead things?  you are so misinformed. the fact that you posted this is insulting.  She’s the head of Justice committee, a strong member of oxfam, a powerful leader in LIFT and much more. She’s involved more than just USGA.

      Before you make personal attacks you should get your facts straight. This a Low blow and uncalled for.  Attacking the person is the lowest form of argument. If you’re a student of Loyola wouldn’t you want to talk about the issues?

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        Voice of Reason

        First of all, I want to say that I agree that it is not right to personally attack a person. That being said, you seem to know Julia pretty well but all you are doing is talking about personal issues as well (that is what a great person Julia is). Now, I have a couple friends in USGA who have really expressed their hurt because of how Julia is taking complete credit for something that was a group effort. Does that seem right to you?
        Also, if we are to actually focus on the issues and read about the campaigns and experience, which I have done, we will find that Poirer/McDowell are not the best candidates for the job. I do think they hold the advantage because many students read the Phoenix and do not realize how uncreditable the Phoenix actually is, but I hope that students can look past this.
        In the end, it is a popularity contest. Only 20% of the students vote, and 19% of those students are basically direct friends with a candidate. Hopefully, we can get more student involvement in the future in regards to USGA elections, so that the wrong candidates do not take up the Presidential posts, like Poirer/McDowell possibly.

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    Poirier/McDowell has selected the most obvious issues to base their campaign on and have said surface level things in regards to them. I won’t be surprised if they can woo votes from people. But where is the higher level thinking and capability behind these candidates?  I am not sure if they really know what the university has to offer on some of the issues they pointed out. Poirier/McDowell cannot handle the job. They would be worse than some of the predecessors … which is bad.  I hope they do not take too many votes away from the team that could actually do some good for Loyola.

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      Not Confused

      It’s much better than the other candidates! What do they have? Not anything near as realistic as the PoirierMcDowell platform

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        That's funny

        You’re calling the PoirerMcDowell platform realistic? Good one. News Flash: Lowering tuition is definitely not going to happen because of PoirerMcDowell. All their platform is are empty promises in order to get elected. Sorry you fell for it :(

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    Julia Poirier is a very nice person. But does not have the ability to be the next Student Body President. I really think a team that is qualified should have this position.

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    Couldn’t agree more with “Confused” and “Not_Okay”. The Poirer/McDowell campaign is simply full of lofty promises that they will never come close to achieving. Not to mention, they are falsely taking credit for USGA achievements and their committee achievements by not mentioning they were only successful due to the work of others. Julia Poirer is way too liberal with no practical ideas on how to support that sort of change. How are those signs of a good leader? Loyola Phoenix, I’m afraid you chose the wrong candidates.

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    Senor Pancho

    Haters Gonna Hate

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    Really Phoenix?

    Julia likes to take credit for everything even if she was only a part of it. She said tonight that she has been the only person to tell Dr. Kelly that she has a problem with tuition. That simply isn’t true. 

    She also said that diversity and tuition were issues that weren’t discussed until she brought them up. ALSO UNTRUE. These are issues that USGA has been tackling for a while (whether or not they have been successful is a different story). 

    Her idea of a line by line statement of where our money is going is simply unworkable. Do you know how many purchases Loyola makes in a month, to think nothing of a year? Does she really think that students are going to read line-by-line what the university has spent money on? Please. Loyola’s financial statements are online. You can read them there going back several years. If she knew anything about how Loyola’s budget works she would know her position is entirely unworkable.
    In the end, people shouldn’t attack Julia as a person. She’s probably a lovely woman and a nice person. But, what people should talk about is the complete unrealistic platform she has, and the fact that many people who have worked with her haven’t liked the results she’s produced, nor do they care for the way she carries herself. 

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      That's what's up.

      ^Amen. 100% accurate.

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    The Phoenix is Irrelevant

    Julia Poirier would probably be a worse president than Tony Catalano was. And that’s saying something. 

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      Don Cheadle

      You’re irrelevant.

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    It’s funny to see a candidate so concerned for diversity and not even know what it is like on a personal level. One thing is to be hopeful, but another is to take action. I agree something does need to be done about it, because as Diverse as loyola puts us out to be this campus is not, and I’m saying this as a minority student, in an org that is underfunded, under appreciated, and probably not even known, along with other minority orgs. 

    I would vote for a candidate that has first hand experience with that situation, along with experience in Loyola policies. personally I believe Trebicka and Ramirez, represent not only the minority groups that should be exposed more to the light, but also a team with real hands experience with making all these “expectations” and “promises” come true. It would be nice to see some color in the student government 

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      Don Cheadle

      Every club at Loyola thinks that they are underfunded and unrepresented (including the ones I’m in). Talk to students at other universities and ask how much money THEY got for their club, likely next to nothing. 

      Also, why should a club that a minority of students can participate in receive more funding than clubs that all students can participate in?

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      I am also a minority student and I would agree with this comment completely, except that I do not believe they are the best candidates.
      If we are looking for experience, Matt Rasek has everything. I am seriously amazed with how much he is involved in. It makes so much sense that someone like him would be able to go into next year and make the biggest impact for the school because he already has so many close relationships with faculty and staff.

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    The Phoenix is Irrelevant

    Julia is campaigning on three issues: dining, tuition, and diversity. Why? Because she doesn’t have a handle on any of the other issues at this university. Academic affairs, shared governance, athletics, registered student organizations, anything to do with facilities or our transportation services like 8RIDE and the shuttle…the list goes on and on.

    And if you look at her platform, you can see that she doesn’t really have a handle on the issues she’s campaigning on. 

    Let’s take a look at her platform on dining sustainability. She says that she would work with Aramark to ensure students’ needs are being met and exceeded. There is already a Cuisine Team in place for Aramark to get student input and that input has already been used to enact changes in the dining halls. There is also a Dining Services Advising Committee that reports directly to Dr. Rob Kelly and includes representatives from across campus (students, staff, administrators)…Of course that doesn’t mean we should stop expressing dissatisfaction, but that means that the mechanisms to do that are already there. What would she do differently? She also wants to create a bicycle friendly campus. Do we have a bicycle unfriendly campus? There are bike racks everywhere and bicycles available for rent. 

    Now, let’s take a look at lower tuition. Her two solutions are not at all plausible. Grandfathered tuition would be a nice idea, except for the fact that A) it’s unfair to ask one group of students to pay more for the same services as another student just because they got here first, and B) the only school that I know that does this is George Washington U, which has an endowment of over a BILLION dollars. Loyola’s is just north of 300 million. Not to shabby, but the gulf between our endowment and GW’s is fierce.

    Finally, let’s look at her diversity platform. She writes, “It is necessary for Loyola to have more services for promoting diversity and investment from an administrative level. Loyola should be creating an environment that is not exclusive, but thoughtful and expansive.” First of all, the services to engage diversity are already here: STARS, Black Men’s Initiative, Diversity Council, LUCES, The People’s Institute, Men’s Project, and various other programs from SDMA and First Year Experience are there already. They definitely need to be strengthened but Julia doesn’t address how she would do that. Secondly, as a minority student I find her comment that we shouldn’t be creating an exclusive environment to be insulting. If I didn’t want my school to be exclusive I would’ve gone to community college. I want Loyola to be picky about the students it accepts. That doesn’t mean abandoning diversity and it’s insulting to me as a minority that in her mind Loyola has to bend over backwards on this front because apparently students of color can’t achieve on the same level as anyone else – at least that’s the assumption she’s making.

    The fact that the Phoenix endorsed this girl is proof positive of something most of campus already knows – the Phoenix is a complete joke, filled with limousine liberals who find a comrade in Julia Poirier. It’s a shame that the Phoenix chooses to use it’s sounding board in such a reckless manner. It’s quite clear, even from watching the videos interviewing the tickets, that Julia is not at all ready to be president, and that the Phoenix was doing everything it could to swing things her way. If you want a realistic option, vote for Matt Razek or Eftiola Tribecka.

    TL;DR – Julia Poirier and the Phoenix are both jokes. Don’t vote for her and use copies of the Phoenix to keep you dry from the rain instead of as reading material. 

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      Charles Wagner

      Oh, you go to Loyola and think you’re a political commentator? Tell me more!

      1. 9.1.1


        Wow! That was an incredibly well thought out rebuttal of ideas, Charles Wagner. 


          Mark A.

          Don’t feed the troll.

      2. 9.1.2


        I would say his argument holds up a lot more than your terrible comment, Mr. Wagner. Do a little research and you will realize that he is completely right about the Poirer/McDowell duo!

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    All I hear when PoirerMcDowell speak is “me me me me me! i’m awesome i’m awesome i’m awesome”

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      Yea, all she says is ‘I did this, i did that’
      She does not understand that there is a whole committee that was working on the issue and deserves all the more credit, but she gives no recognition. Completely Selfish!

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    Karis Hustad

    Hello all-  I would like to add my voice to this conversation.  In all transparency I support Poirier/McDowell.  From talking to them, listening to debates and reading their website, I believe they have the experience and passion to make a change that USGA has not been able to do in years past.  I commend the Phoenix for this endorsement and Poirier/McDowell for their campaign. 

    However, this string of comments is very upsetting to me.  Though I am not voting for any of the other candidates, if they had gotten the Phoenix endorsement I would not resort to personal attacks and un-researched conjectures under false names.  I believe if you honestly have a problem with a candidate, you should be able to voice that concern using your real name and in a respectful manner that fosters discourse (hence the name of the section of the paper) and discussion, using factual evidence and logic to back up your points. 

    In addition, the Phoenix is an award-winning newspaper that has covered issues that are very important to students in a highly professional and ethical matter.  I know several members of the editorial board, and I believe this is one of the smartest, fairest groups of students that has ever run this paper. Once again, I commend them for a well-thought out editorial in an election that more of our student body should care about. 

    This is my personal opinion, and I welcome any responses. However, I would request that you use your real name if you are responding to my post.  Thank you. 

    -Karis Hustad, Junior

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